Monday, 12 April 2010

More cream and icing

I rustled up some biscuits, including pink wafer biscuits and some tiny cakes, unfotunately my icing with a syringe was somewhat ermmmm useless!!!! Photos to follow!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Cream and Icing

Between creating videos about medieval jobs, planning the great castle documentary, the washing machine man, the central heating man, drawing, reading, playing Lego and feedidng everyone I managed to put the cream in the cream horns, stick some merangue toppings in my flan bases (making molds is much harder than it looks), ice 4 cupcakes and the doughnuts. Hopefully after we have videoed and edited our own version of a minute make a la mister maker I will get to photo and post the pics :0)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Cream Horns

I've made a start on the cream horns and have made about 15, I'm unsure why I have 30 in my head but that's the number I've been making of everything!

They are a bit time consuming as you do them individually from start to finish on a knitting needle, so you shape, texture with foil, mark with tapestry needle, brush with 3 colours of pastel then remove-all without poking the knitting needle through the end!

Also stuck some tiles on the cooker but still haven't grouted or drilled the lights!

Monday, 15 March 2010


So, I've pretty much got all the pastries varnished, I'm not happy with the jammy cherry and blueberry danishes mainly because the microbeads lost their colour and they look very metallic but eclairs and cream puffs are not too bad. Despite really going to town on the texturing loads seems to have disappeared during cooking :0(

I have tried to get the last bits of wooden stuff for the bakery painted during B's nap but really I should have sanded down the varnished pieces more thoroughly-I'll see how they are in a bit. I'm going to try and make some boxes for the pastries with and without acetate windows.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Eclairs, cream puffs and cinnamon rolls!

Ahhhhh! I feel so much more chilled now I've made something! Eclairs are cooling after a second baking and the cream and icing on the puffs and cinnamon rolls (respectively) are drying....not too bad although I think the eclairs could have done with a bit more texturing on the side. I used a couple of tutorials from CDHM and deviant art to help me so thank you to snowfern who posted the tutorial on cdhm and to the loveless alchemist for the cream puff tutorial on deviant art. I made changes to both, using glass paint and liquid fimo for the eclair topping and a mix of PVA white paint (acrylic and cornflour for the cream and icing. Photos soon :0)

I want to play!!!!!

I am desperate to get doing some more food. I really want to make some pastries, cinnamon danish, eclairs, profiteroles, fruit danish etc etc. Have discovered the silicone molding material isn't what I thought as it drys totally solid and v quickly went to hobby Craft and grabbed an alternative but I think that's the same so I have to return that and order some :0( I was looking forward to a cupcake fest!

I also have some extra shelves, stool and bits and bobs to paint and distress for the shop and the lights are the mosaic floor needs much to do!!!!!!! No time thought...dinners just rung from the oven so I'd better get back to it!

Friday, 5 March 2010

The Finished Article....

So just a quick one, not a whole heap going on mainly as the boys are off colour and it's Thursday and Friday in work days...these are some quick pics of the finished croisants, pretzels, Welsh cakes, crumpets, brioche buns, breadsticks, cottage loaves and French sticks.

Marcella pointed out to me that she couldn't comment on my blog, I've tried to change the settings so hopefully it will work-not sure how to check this....if there's anyone from the cdhm forum maybe they could pm me if they can't comment, my user names's RachK.....
Anyhow, pics.....